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Henna International Pvt. Ltd. derives its strength from the inspiring wisdom and accomplishments of its Founder – Mr. Aijaz-ul-Haque Siddique

Henna International, introduces ourselves as professional Head-Hunters, International Recruitment Firms, Overseas Recruitment Agencies, and HR Consultants in India. We have an excellent track record of recruiting thousands of management professionals, technical and non-technical personnel, and skilled ...

Our Specialization

We specializes in providing recruitment services to the following list of sectors

Construction & Maintenance

Get a career in World’s leading construction and maintenance companies

Oil and Gas

Get a career in World’s leading Oil and Gas Companies.


Get jobs at Healthcare all over the world.

Facility & Management

Get a chance for being employed to provide Facility & Management to World’s leading industries.


Get a career in World’s leading Petrochemical Companies.


Get employed in World’s leading Manufacturing companies in all over the world.

Engineering and project Management

Get a chance for being employed to provide hospitality to World’s leading industries.

Engineering Procurement

Get a career in World’s leading Petrochemical Companies.

Power and Utility

Get employed in World’s leading Manufacturing companies in all over the world.

IT and Telecommunications

Get a chance for being employed to provide hospitality to World’s leading industries.

Commercial and Retail

Get a career in World’s leading Petrochemical Companies.

Teaching and Education Administration

Get employed in World’s leading Manufacturing companies in all over the world.

Executive Search

Do you need reliable and responsible leaders for managerial positions? Are you looking for a key person who will bring a new direction, vision, and goals to your company?

Expert Recruitment

Do you want to strengthen your company with clever talents in the field, but you do not know where and how to find them? If you can’t give advice or don’t have the time or resources to choose the right expert for your industry

International Recruitment Services

Do you need more manpower or are your staffing capacities fully utilized? Contact the experts at Henna International entrust the search for new reinforcements to our hands. We specialize in International Recruitment and Expatriate Services.

Temporary Staffing & Outsourcing

Are you looking for a reliable person to temporarily replace your employee, or do you need to temporarily increase your capacity due to a project?

As part of our activities, we offer you the services of a temporary employment agency. A temporary employment agency is an excellent way to use human resources efficiently without the need to increase your wage or staffing capacity. We will make sure that the temporary assignment of employees takes place quickly and according to your wishes.

We offer you professional services with a focus on Executive Search, Expert Recruitment, International Recruitment and HR Consulting.




Strength Of Team


Personnel Deployed

Building Contracting, Maintenance
and Materials

Interim Managment

Do you feel your business is stagnating and not achieving the results it should? Do you need an effective executive manager to get you out of the crisis? Edgar Baker is your partner even in this period.

HR Consultancy

At the meeting, the CFO asks the CEO: „We’re going to invest in training, but what if our employees leave?“ The CEO replies: „All right, but what if we don’t train them and they stay with us?“

Civil Engineering, Contracting and Maintenance

Air conditioning and Refrigeration

Refrigeration keeps the cold air close, air conditioning pushes it away. Refrigeration deals with cooling and freezing,

Architects, Auditing and Accounting

Accounting for architects involves keeping tabs on all financial aspects of building design, construction, and upkeep.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Hotel Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning

Overseas Recruitment Services

We take pride in our work and we strive to develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with both clients and candidates. As a business we prioritise doing the right thing, and we are renowned in the industry for our integrity and honesty in all that we do.


Screen candidates quickly and securely.

To help you recruit faster and easier than ever before, we've been encouraging our candidates to introduce themselves on video.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to pre-assess the candidates that your expert consultants put forward for your roles.

What we stand for?


Our consultants understand the vital role of Human Resources in the development and eventual success of any organization. Building upon this insight.

Innovate and Improve

Innovation opens a window for creativity and high performance. We embrace change and always look to improve what we do and how we do it.

Integrity and Quality

All individuals are accountable for the highest standards of ethical behavior. We deliver recruitment services with honesty, transparency, equality and consistency.

Work process

Engineering Procurement Installation

Electric Power Generation

Electronics Engineering

Power and Utility

Petrochemical and Process

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